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January Webinar

Hi!  I am writing today because you attended one of my educational sessions in the past and on January 15th, 2015, I will be presenting a webinar entitled, “Warning Letters: Applying Lessons Learned from Misbranding & Adulteration Noncompliance Findings.” I was wondering if this might be of interest to you and/or your company. This webinar is available for a group of up to 20 participants per registration.

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My goal is to use this presentation to teach how the contents of Warning Letters issued by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can be leveraged to benefit companies. I have found discussions about Warning Letters can increase both the amount and the quality of communication across different corporate roles and this type of communication is a significant factor in maintaining compliance and producing safe, high quality products.

In this webinar, I will use the materials derived from the book I am writing about Warning Letters (anticipated release mid-2015) to discuss how this type of collaborative communication between departments (e.g., clinical staff, marketing, regulatory, engineers etc.) can help companies to avoid receiving a Warning Letter.

Please join me for this webinar presentation and feel free to email me back to let me know what you think about the plans for my first book (since my PhD thesis on infant leukemia).   Don’t miss the little note about Barnett’s Cyber Monday Sale to get 25% off (they never do this for courses, so this is a unique opportunity!)

Warm regards,

Dr. Frestedt

Joy Frestedt, PhD, RAC, CCTI, FRAPS
President and CEO

January Webinar