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Frestedt Inc. / Alimentix plans to DOUBLE

10 Years and going Strong

31JAN2018 St. Louis Park, MN – Frestedt Incorporated/Alimentix

Frestedt Inc is excited as we start the 2018 year. We decided to double our size last year and January has met this goal – we tripled our new projects started from Jan 2017 to Jan 2018!

During this first month of 2018, we have increased the wide variety of projects including more Clinical Evaluation Reports (CERs), Investigational New Drug applications (INDs), whitepapers, surface testing programs for cleaning solutions, labeling projects, glove and gown chemotherapy permeation testing, risk incidence evaluations, managing clinical research sites, CE Mark gap analysis, engineering design and development support and developing and expanding quality management systems (QMS).

February marks 10 years for Frestedt Inc and we spoke with one employee who was working with the firm during the first year in 2008 and has returned multiple times, most recently as our Director of CRQE in 2017.

Pamela Wolfe expressed:

“It has been a pleasure and an honor to return to Frestedt Inc. recently. Reflecting on the changes and progress of the company since 2008 when I was employee #2, Frestedt was a virtual company using a multitude of outside subject matter expert consultants. When I left in 2013, we had added a small core group of new graduates and interns as employees. We were continuing to refine our processes for CER development, actively managing clinical research sites, preparing regulatory submissions and starting Alimentix for food related projects.

Today, Frestedt Inc has a corporate headquarters in St. Louis Park, MN and a dedicated, highly-educated and experienced staff who can manage multiple complex projects. These projects transcend the traditional boundaries and require knowledge at the crossroads of clinical, regulatory, quality and engineering, all backed by our almost 10 years of developing good processes and becoming ISO 9001:2016 certified!

Over the years, Frestedt Inc. has become known for tackling the “hard stuff” and being a first call for help, and our staff work incredibly hard to provide what is needed within short timelines. It is amazing to see how much of the foundation built prior to my return was still used, but exciting to see the advancements made since. 2018 has begun with interesting projects in devices, pharma and food for the US and the EU. It is also my opportunity to continue the excellent work I began in 2008, with a fantastic team who amazing me with their ability to attack projects, enriching their knowledge and skill base, while making our clients jobs easier.”

As we grow, Frestedt Inc. / Alimentix is seeking highly motivated and qualified individuals to join our team. Please see “Careers at Frestedt” page and if interested in employment at Frestedt Inc. / Alimentix e-mail cover letter and resume to

About Frestedt Inc.

Frestedt Incorporated is an unparalleled consortium of 7 full time staff and over 70 knowledge experts working in an innovative, virtual setting to keep our service quality of the highest caliber and our costs as low as possible. Frestedt Incorporated works to solve problems with a forward-thinking approach designed to provide all deliverables within tight timelines and budgets. We are a dynamic partner, focused on providing exactly the right solution to meet our client’s needs and we hold ourselves to the highest standards in everything we do. We provide support in running clinical trials and negotiating with regulatory authorities, and we build quality systems, training sessions and engineering services designed to secure the success of our client’s products in the US and global markets.

About Alimentix

Alimentix is a comprehensive clinical investigation center (clinical trial site) dedicated to conducting clinical trials for foods, food ingredients, dietary supplements, natural products, over the counter pharmaceuticals, and non-significant risk medical device products. We have conducted trials as diverse as weight loss and OA, for products including calcium derived from Irish seaweed, and meal replacement beverages and we have published and presented our work both privately and within public reviewed settings.


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Frestedt Inc. / Alimentix plans to DOUBLE