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United Science Adds Veteran Business Leader Joy Frestedt, PhD to Advisory Board

St. Louis Park, MN – January 06, 2023

United Science, a manufacturer of leading-edge, supercritical CO2 extraction equipment in Osceola, WI added Dr. Joy Frestedt to their Advisory Board. Dr. Frestedt, who has worked for some of the largest and smallest pharmaceutical, device and food companies in the world, brings a broad set of business management and technical expertise to United Science, LLC.

United Science tapped Dr. Frestedt for this role due to her extensive experience in clinical, regulatory, quality and biomedical engineering sectors.
Dr, Frestedt, said she is “looking forward to working with United Science to expand their scientific solutions, products and consulting services.” Dr. Frestedt is currently the President and CEO of Frestedt Inc., a leading clinical, regulatory, quality and engineering service provider. “As the food, drug and devices industries change and grow, Frestedt Inc has found a tremendous need for careful and meticulous regulatory and clinical guidance. I’m excited to support United Science and to bring their expertly crafted, scientifically designed separations and filtration equipment to a wider audience” said Frestedt “I look forward to helping United Science build on the strong foundation as they identify and develop new capabilities and products.”

About Frestedt Inc. and Alimentix

Frestedt Incorporated ( is a service provider founded on February 26, 2008 as an S Corporation in Minnesota. Frestedt Incorporated provides exquisitely customized clinical, regulatory, quality and engineering system solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology and food-related industries. Frestedt Incorporated provides clinical research design and development leadership to companies and research centers, regulatory submission negotiations and quality system development services in order to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of client products and services. Alimentix ( is a comprehensive clinical investigation center (clinical trial site) dedicated to conducting clinical trials for foods, food ingredients, dietary supplements, natural products, over the counter pharmaceuticals and non-significant risk medical device products. The Alimentix team has conducted trials as diverse as weight loss and osteoarthritis, for products from seaweed calcium to meal replacement beverages.

About United Science, LLC

United Science, LLC ( was founded in 2009 in Osceola, WI to design and manufacture the highest quality scientific equipment including separation and filtration equipment for the oil and gas, mining and food product manufacturing industries. extraktLAB, a brand of United Science, manufactures leading-edge, supercritical CO2 extraction equipment in a 38,000 sq ft facility in Osceola, WI. Developed in 2014 by PhD separation chemists and engineers, extraktLAB equipment is renowned for having the fastest throughput, smallest footprint, lowest energy consumption and most scalable design in the industry. In fact, customers can easily scale up to process 10 tons of biomass per day. In addition to technology, extraktLAB provides engineering and consulting services to help both experienced and novice producers create manufacturing facilities that meet or exceed ISO and GLP/GMP equivalent standards.

United Science Adds Veteran Business Leader Joy Frestedt, PhD to Advisory Board