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Industry Relationships


Our focus:

The product development life cycle for your pharmaceuticals/biologics, medical devices/in vitro diagnostics and food, food ingredients, dietary supplements and natural products.

As time has gone by, it is hard to truly separate the industries we specialize in. At times a medical device becomes a combination product when a drug or biologic is added. A food product can be a pharmaceutical dependent upon the claims made. The definition between industry sectors becomes blurred and the regulatory requirements become increasingly complex. Frestedt Incorporated works within the pharmaceutical, device and food sectors and at their cross section, which allows us to stay at the forefront of our field and the current regulatory requirements. Our expertise in dealing with regulatory bodies will help you navigate what may be uncharted territory to you and ensure you are on a path towards well-received submissions. From start to finish, Frestedt’s team can help your team on the path to product launch, all within a regulatory compliant, quality and ethical way..