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Podcast Topics

Forthcoming topics for the Science of Compliance podcast:

Introductory Episode (Episode 0) – Welcome and Interview with Dr. Joy Frestedt
Episode 1 – Clinical Trials
Episode 2 – Clinical Evaluation Reports (CERs)
Episode 3 – Warning Letters
Episode 4 – Software as a Medical Device
Episode 5 – Designing, Implementing, and Managing a Quality Management System
Episode 6 – Assessing benefits and risks of medical devices
Episode 7 – FDA Appeals Process
Episode 8 – Q Submission Process
Episode 9 – Risk-Based Monitoring for Clinical Trials
Episode 10 – Audit Preparation
Episode 11 – Clinical Trial Budgets
Episode 12 – Ask Frestedt: What are the questions YOU want answered?

Bonus Episodes covering the latest news in clinical, regulatory and quality will be released throughout the year. Make sure you subscribe to Science of Compliance so you never miss an episode!