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Transitioning to Medical Writing

August 22, 2019 (2 hrs) $199.00


Course Description

This Frestedt Learning Center Medical Writing course is a 2-hour session (in person or via webinar) offered by the Frestedt Inc. team. We will share experiences and knowledge about transitioning into medical writing. The course will lay out writing projects of interest to drug, medical device and food companies. The instructors will explore clinical, regulatory and quality documents including clinical evaluation reports (CERs), clinical trial protocols and reports as well as regulatory submissions and quality system components (e.g., standard operating procedures (SOPs), work instructions and forms).

This course will touch on challenges faced when transitioning into medical writing:

  • Vocabulary (communicating business details, rather than technical skills/publications)
  • Project Management (addressing business issues in a scientifically sound manner)
  • Rapid Timeline (understanding the pace of industry is more rapid than academics)
  • Change Management (reacting to “all too frequent” project and management changes)
  • Sensitivity to Budgets (discovering the “hidden” costs of research in a business setting)
  • Teamwork (working with cross-functional team members to meet company goals)
  • Business Acumen (judging your place in the business and advancement opportunities)

Benefits to You

  • Opportunity to explore medical writing as a career
  • Network with like-minded people in an industry setting to facilitate learning
  • Learn to ease the transition into medical writing

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify main challenges when transitioning into medical writing
  • Take basic steps to face those challenges
  • List specific tasks needed to gain employment in the medical writing field
  • Describe components of industry documents (i.e., CERs, protocols, reports, SOPs, etc.)

Intended Audience

  • Students nearing completion of academic training
  • Employees within academic centers looking for a change to medical writing
  • Established scientists desiring a writing career

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